We are all connected...
let us remember our truessence,
and experiencblessings, joy,
and healing with
gratitude through the modality
which resonates with us.




Sacred Healing Modalities Available

Which are you looking for?

 First, ask yourself some of the following questions and see what calls to you.

 Next, look at possibilities to help.

 Then check the details page.

 Finally, contact me and I will set up an appointment and/or enroll you in a class.

Need healing on any level, spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental? 


                                              Experience  a healing Reiki Session or a sacred Shamanic Healing or Qoya class. 

Want to relax and reduce stress? 


                                              Treat yourself to a Sound Healing Bath or a Reiki session.  


                                              Take a Reiki or Mindfulness course and learn to help yourself with practice.


                                              Enjoy a personalized Qoya movement to do daily.

Looking to have fun, decrease stress, and just let go in community?   


                                               Participate in a Drum Circle or a Qoya Class. 

Ready to connect to others and help heal yourself in the process?    

                                         Try a Healing Rhythms Rhythmic Circle. 

Want to remember your feminine essence as wise, wild, and free?     

                                                Experience Qoya!

Looking for a feel good ritual just for you?        

                                                 Enjoy a personalized Qoya movement!

Do you want to gain clarity, be able to concentrate on your sport, schooling or career, 

be more aware of life, or gain more self-compassion?           

                                                 Try a Mindfulness Class. 


Want all that but feel like moving?                    

                                                Take a Mindful Movement Class.

Looking to connect more on a spiritual level while being able to help heal yourself and others? 

                                                  Attend a Reiki l class.

Have you just moved into a new home or maybe just started a new business at a new location?


                                                 House and/or Business Blessings are available

Sessions, Classes, Workshops, Staff Wellness Days and Retreats are available for each modality.

All are available in your space or mine.


"It is great to work with someone who is so passionate about her work." CS

"I have taken Reiki classes before but enjoyed myself  and learned so much more with Deborah as the teacher." GM

"Deborah is an awesome teacher!" RS

"Deborah puts her authentic self and her heart and soul in all that she does." DD 



Sound baths or Sound Healing by appointment

Mindfulness classes for individuals and groups by appointment

Shamanic Healing, House Blessings, Land Blessings and more by appointment

Qoya personalized movements available in person or via Face Time or Skype

All modalities available at your named location be it home, business or school

In gratitude to you all for coming to classes, spreading the word and taking care of yourselves.  May you sit with peace, harmony, and love this February and beyond.

You may notice that I am offering classes at a new wellness center. Please patronize all three locals I am currently working at as the owners are the best at what they do and the wellness centers can certainly help you!

Qoya at Integrative Healing and Wellness, Bay Head, Thursday, 
February 1st, 6:30-&:30PM www.integrativehealingandwellness.com

Mindfulness Introductory class, Sunday, February 4th from, 1:00-2:00 PM, Toms River location

Drum Circle, Friday, 
February 9th, 6:30PM  at Be Well Acupuncture, Sea Girt, NJ  www.bewellacu.com

February 14th, 15th Annual World Sound Healing Day. Join in a 5 minute group toning of AH in order to send a valentine to Mother Earth. You can go to www.templeofsacredsound.org and join in at 12:00 noon central time or anytime during that day. This is being done to Heal our Planet, our waters and to raise our consciousness. 
Join me in my Toms River location that evening at 7:00 PM to do it with a group and then receive a sound bath to integrate the love and experience.  Contact me for details.

Drum Circle, Friday, 
February 16th, The Center for Health and Healing, 6:45 PM

Mindfulness, Tuesday, 
February 20th, 4:00PM at  Be Well Acupuncture, Sea Girt, NJ  www.bewellacu.com

Reiki Share, Free, Friday,
February 23rd, 7:00PM, Toms River Contact for location

Reiki l Class, 
February 25th, 1:00-5:00 PM, Toms River Contact for location.

Reiki ll Class,
February 18th, 1:00-5:30 PM, toms River location

Coming in March 
Qoya, Thursday, March 1st, 6:30 PM
Drum Circle, Friday, March 9th, 6:30
Drum Circle, Friday, March 16th, 6:45 PM
Mindfulness,Tuesday, March 20th, 4:00 PM
Ceorgian Court University Wellness Expo, Saturday, March 24th 11:00 AM-4:00 PM
Monmouth Medical Sound Bath, Wednesday, March 28th, time TBA