We are all connected
through vibrations
of love.

Feel them...
remember your connection
through awareness,
sound, and nature.




Music  LLC


  •                                                  Enhance Your Well-Being!

  • Reduce your stress                                                    Bring Your nervous system into balance
  • Bring Focus and Clarity into Your life                    Ease mental challenges
  • Decrease pain                                                            Unleash your creativity


                                            Make time for yourself and find balance!

                    Nourish your connection to self through sacred practices you can use daily. 




              Take a class, book a session or immerse yourself in healing during a retreat!


An awareness of self, nature and life....a  non-judgemental practice combined with kindness and compassion.

Additional Awareness and healing through the vibrational  practices of Reiki and Shamanic Healing


Qoya a movement as medicine...  combining breathing, stretching, yoga, dancing and a sense of community.

Mindful Movements... an off shoot of mindfulness meditation


Sound Bath Meditations, Sound therapy, Drum Circles, Healing Rhythms, Toning...absorb the vibrations of sound instruments as well as your voice

Feel Your Flow RETREAT

Five Days, Four Nights Thursday, November 7th through Monday, November 11th

See yourself as one with the universal life flow, enjoying, celebrating, and honoring yourself as the best person that you can be!  

 Connect to the Healing Water Vibrations.
 Find balance through the ancient rhythms within yourself.

Sound baths or Sound Healing by appointment

Mindfulness classes for individuals and groups by appointment

Reiki Classes, all levels, and Reiki sessions available

Shamanic Healing, House Blessings, Land Blessings and more by appointment

Qoya personalized movements available in person or via Face Time or Skype

All modalities available at your named location be it home, business or school

                      Let's celebrate nature, self and life together in Zion!!!

COMING NOVEMBER 7th through November 11th
4 Night Feel Your Flow Retreat on the Gulf in Sunny Florida
Last reminder...Only a few spots left!

Where:Tampa Bay's "Best Boutique Resort", Besa Del Sol
Located waterfront on the Gulf Coast overlooking St. Joseph Sound in delightful Dunedin.
Here you will be able to:
  • Relax on your balcony and watch a stunning sunset
  • Swim in one of two pools waterfront pools or hang in the jacuzzi
  • Twice daily sacred experiences to enhance Your well-being. 

Practice self-love byexperiencing new practices that: 
  • empower you
  • help you find joy 
  • relax
  • destress
  • remember what childlike wonder feels like
You are in the flow when you:
  • Destress.
  • Rediscover Your sense of Play.
  • Experience Your body movements as Flow Motion.
  • Live in the present moment.
  • Feel connected to your authentic self.
  • Honor the healing water in your body and our earth.

In addition to monthly Sound baths, Reiki and Qoya:
Remember, individual sessions or group sessions are available for every modality  by appointment. Please register through the website for all classes unless otherwise stated.


"It is great to work with someone who is so passionate about her work." CS

"I have taken Reiki classes before but enjoyed myself  and learned so much more with Deborah as the teacher." GM

"Deborah is an awesome teacher!" RS

"Deborah puts her authentic self and her heart and soul in all that she does." DD